Maryport Harbour by Brian Shewan

The Roving Reporter

Versatile – a word that applies to Her Citi like no other. You can enjoy a meal or a cuppa, buy clothing and furniture and talk to the local newspaper.

The Times & Star offices in the town closed nearly seven years ago but the decision was made to keep a presence in the town. Moving into a cafe was something new and innovative and has worked very well.

Debbie will take ads and sells both the Times & Star and News & Star and I, Viv Paterson, am there to take your news.

Her Citi has become a social hub in Maryport so is a great place to catch up with the local news – and the local gossip that can lead to news!

I have worked in branch offices for much of my journalistic career. While it is fun to visit the head office and talk to other reporters, I have come to look on Maryport, Dearham, Flimby, Aspatria and Allonby as 'Mine! All Mine!'